Parfum + Diffuser Oil

Parfum + Diffuser Oil

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Delight your senses with this pure & natural parfum body + diffuser oil.

Available in 4 sizes: 

  • .5oz parfum + diffuser oil dropper bottle

  • .33oz individual rollerball,

  • Buy 3 get one FREE with the "Aroma Tin” Rollerball 4-Pack {Save 25%}

  • Or try the "Sample 4-Pack" of the mini trial sizes.

SPRING Aroma:  A light and peaceful blend comprised many essential oils including Blood Orange, Jasmine, and Hay Absolute. Restore with "Spring." 

SUMMER Aroma:  A light and refreshing blend comprised of many essential oils including Tangerine, Palmarosa and Sandalwood. Replenish with “Summer.”

AUTUMN Aroma:  An exotic and warm blend comprised of many essential oils including Galbanum, Cypress and Tobacco Absolute. Relax with “Autumn.”

WINTER Aroma:  A cool yet rich blend comprised of many essential oils including Peppermint, Peru Balsam & Sweet Orange. Rejuvenate with “Winter.” 

To Use:  Shake well. Drop or roll onto pulse points and ends of hair. Layer on skin after using Total Body Cleanser & Moisturizer for long-lasting aroma. Or, add to aroma diffuser with water following manufacturer's instructions. Breathe the rich, pure-aroma.

Ingredients:  Refined Coconut Oil, Proprietary Blend of Pure Essential Oils and Tocopherol (Vitamin E) 


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