"I love this product line! The aromas are truly amazing. So clean & natural. My favorite is Autumn!"

-Alissa B.

"Awesome products!! The scents are amazing! I Would definitely recommend to friends and family!"

-Jenni H.

"I love my roll on oil fragrance the smell is fresh and lasts all day."

-Renee S.

"I love these products! déchaîné Nature Unbridled products are all natural with earthy, invigorating fragrances to enhance your senses. These products exceeded my expectations and I would definitely recommend these to anyone who enjoys getting pampered skin without leaving your home or paying a fortune. This is truly like a day spa in a bottle!"

-Debra N.

"The body moisturizer makes my skin feel refreshed, clean, and soothed. Each scent is unique and luscious. My favorite for me is winter. It makes me feel warm, soft and cleansed. I love it. I especially appreciate the natural blends of each scent."

-Deborah V.

I love this line of product from the candles oils and lotions. They are amazing. Winter and spring are my favorite aromas. I would definitely recommend this product!!!

-Deanna G.

"The products smell amazing! It is nice using products that I know are good for me and for the environment. I feel like I am giving my skin and body a healthy meal when I use these products!"

-Lance F.

"The moisturizer is the best! It's so versatile and the scents are very nurturing and uplifting at the same time! I use the spring moisturizer as a leave in conditioner for my fine, naturally curly hair and it does not weigh down my hair at all. Fabulous product made by a fabulous person! "

-Robbin S.

"These scents are so beautiful. I use my spray every night before bed."

-Darla E.

"Really great products. I like that each product has true matching scent. Love the roller ball fragrance.
The only challenging part is deciding which scent is calling to me."

-Jodi L.

"Amazing products. Unsurpassed quality and the fragrances"

-Bob G.

"I have a really tough time with all soaps and lotions. My skin breaks out with most all- even natural dye and scent-free. I have used the dechaine body washes and moisturizer with NO skin reactions. Fragrances are natural and wonderful. Very happy customer. I am waiting for a laundry soap!!"

-Mark N.

"The dechaine Nature unbridled line is by far the best aroma line I have used. The scents smell so natural, very different from synthetic scents and I feel drawn to the blend of each season to balance me and clear my work space. A must try!"

-Tricia C.

"I currently use the Spring aroma total moisturizer and I love it. I like that it is light weight and dissipates into your skin versus being too oily."

-Lawkong V.

"LOVE this cruelty-gree aroma & body care line! It is pure & represents each season beautifully. The Winter... is my favorite!"

-Catherine L.

"Love the all-natural, never synthetic, essential oil aromas that fit with the seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The St. Paul alchemist Darren DeChaine certainly "nose" how to mix up the perfect combination of essential oils, and what he's created with déchaîné Nature Unbridled is truly something special. Try it!"

-Laura P.