Why choose déchaîné®| Nature Unbridled?

{pronounced DAY-sha-nay}

Our mission is to provide unique, natural, essential oil-only aromas & products that are multi-functional, gentle & eco-friendly for man and woman.

We work tirelessly to source the purest essential oils & blend them ourselves in small, hand-crafted batches that bring you the freshest, most unique products around. We never use harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances.

Our amber glass bottles are beautiful on-counter and in-hand, protect the delicate essential oils, are great to re-use or recycle. Bath products come in PET (recyclable plastic) amber bottles for safety.

Celebrate the seasons with déchaîné® | Nature Unbridled.

"LOVE this cruelty-gree aroma & body care line! It is pure & represents each season beautifully. The Winter... is my favorite!"

-Catherine L.