Essential oils are the 'life force' of plants. Obtaining these precious oils is an arduous process. Essential oils have the power to help you recall memories, uplift your spirits and calm your nerves.

Imagine yourself as a 10 year old sneaking into the bathroom to mix up concoctions of your parents costly perfumes and colognes in the sink. Each lovely bottle calling your name to be added to the potion. That was the start of my journey into aromas.

Soon after my initial alchemy session, I developed a very keen sense of smell and decided which aromas I disliked and which ones I treasured. In my late teens I discovered essential oils and fell in love. It was astonishing to me how there could be so many absolutely unique aromas like no other. In 1988 on a 3-week trip to France I had the opportunity to tour the Parfumerie Galimard in the city of Grasse, the world capitol of perfume. They detailed the storied history of perfume and the process of obtaining essential oils and the delicate art of blending these precious oils into one-of-a-kind intricate blends. Science has tried to duplicate these delicate essences in the lab...but they are not the same.

After working with a world-leading natural product company for over 20 years, I developed a wealth of knowledge regarding essential oils, hair, skin and body products and the importance of using safe ingredients. Having a sense of what was missing in the world of natural personal care and a passion for essential oils for over 30 years; déchaîné® | Nature Unbridled™ was born.

I strive to include the highest quality ingredients - such as coconut oil, certified organic grape spirits, vitamins and pure essential oils while avoiding toxic chemicals like artificial fragrances and harsh preservatives. My minimalist packaging includes beautiful amber glass bottles to preserve the essential oils' integrity. I hope you find joy and delight in your products, they were created with the utmost care.

Peace & Love,
Darren DeChaine